AIeggy Coding Robot
Your childs first coding robot

Meet  Aieggy
Designed according to CSTA research standards.
Pre-coding cards,jigsaw puzzle boards and different maps make coding easy and fun.
——  Coding by hand  ——
Aieggy coding robot

Aieggy Coding Robot

Designed according to CSTA

research standards.

Pre-coding cards, jigsaw puzzle boards and different maps make coding easy and fun.

Pre-coding Mode
Line Follower
Obstacle Avoider
Bounce in borders
Obstacle Follower
Besides using our map or puzzles, you
can draw your own picture with your
black marker. Aieggy could follow your
lines to go wherever you want.
Switching to this mode, Aieggy will be
in free motionand automatically sense
the obstacle ahead and changes its path in time to avoid danger.

Tap the command card"Bounce in
borders"and put Aieggy in a black
line circle.You will see it isso worried
to move around just inside it.
Move your hand in front of Aieegy to make
it follow your gesture, forward or back.

Aieggy has four pre-coding functions, we can use

smart coding cards to activate Aieggy easily.

7 Command Cards

Physical Programming

By using coding cards, no previous experience is required.

Kids can easily learn coding language and develop their

critical thinking and logical skills through game playing.

App programming

Set your imagination free, get endless fun.Kids can

become the ultimate creator of anything they can

imagine and develop with Aieggy.

More Ways of Playing with AIeggy
Here is what our customers create with AIeggy coding robots.
Get one for your kids now to find more play ways on your own family time!
Draw a line to follow
Draw a line to follow
Free Mode
Football competition
Football competition
Draw a picture
Draw a picture
Tug of war
Tug of war
Join the Playroom and discover new ways to play
and learn with your AIeggy Coding Robots.

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